Friday, February 15, 2013

2/6 Part II Happy Times

I want you to know that there is joy in my life as well.  This has not yet crushed me; it has not consumed me. I have love and laughter.  I have friends and family.  I have MUCH love and MUCH laughter.

For this and more, I am lucky.  For this and more, I am forever thankful.


dannyscotland said...

I'm glad to see you write it, even though I have suspected it was so. I feel like what you write here is like catharsis, so I just try to be supportive. (Another blogger once told me that if she read a post, she commented, and I always thought that was nice of her, so I try to do the same. Maybe it's annoying, I don't know, but I feel like if I comment, then it validates your feelings [or whatever I've read on whatever blog]). I'm glad to know for sure that there is still happiness.

Bloggie McBlogger said...

It is, and I DO appreciate the comments. Really I do.
Even though I don't read as many blogs as I once did, I can't imagine commenting on all of them -that's a wonderful idea though. (I think it just comes down to the fact that I'm too lazy... Or I turn on the computer to do one specific thing, and I open up Facebook, and the rest is history... :-P )