Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1/30 Shoes

It's unseasonably warm today.  It's January 30th, and it's 50 degrees.

I want to jog.  I want to run.  I want to let it all go, and get lost in the burning in my legs and the bursting in my lungs.  I want to fly.

But then I remember I have no running shoes.  They were lost to the flames.

I have no house.  I have people giving me clothing to wear.  I can't justify buying new running shoes, nor will I let anyone buy them for me.  Swallowing my pride to accept the other donations of basic needs is hard enough.  *I* will buy my own shoes...  But when?

How do I justify spending that money on them?  How is it right that I splurge on them?  How does that work?  How is that right?

But I want to run and forget it all.

Especially on warm, breezy days like today.

I want to run.


Caring Lady said...

You need new shoes. Do Not Feel Guilty about needing new shoes!! Get them. I will keep an eye out for them.

dannyscotland said...

Ditto what caring lady said. You deserve them just as much as the rest of your family deserves to have their things replaced, too. You justify it because YOU need to heal, too. They need you and you have to take care of yourself. If running will make you feel better and help you be able to care for your family better, then they ALL deserve you having new running shoes. Go out and get them right now.