Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Thing One!

Happy 7th Birthday, Thing One!

So I missed blogging on your birthday yesterday (big surprise there), but your birthday was perfectly wonderful anyway.

You've been an absolute joy in our lives since before you were even born. You're smart, funny, caring, and you shine at whatever you do.

You want to be an Art teacher or an architect, and I know that you'll more than succeed at whatever it is that you try to do. You've already shown us that much.

We love you more and more with each passing day. Without you our lives would be incomplete.

Happy 7th Birthday, Thing One. May this be your best year yet!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick one. Enter this contest!


So I'm back from the land of the lost. What did you do without reading my crazy ramblings for the whole summer? I know. I hear you. You did the same as what you normally would have done. That's okay. :-)
Well, things are going better then they were. I knew that once I emerged from my dragonfly larva shell everything would be different, and ya know what? I was right. Things are very different now, and it's a good -great thing. Sure, things are still difficult, but anything worthwhile is difficult. If everything was easy, life would be boring.
......Speaking of, I have to get back to work, but before I go I wanted to let you know of this great giveaway going on over at Twig & Thistle. Are you ready for it??? Here it is:
One lucky winner will win a Silhouette digital cutting tool! ACK! Can you believe it?! Personally, I've wanted one of these things for a LONG time -well, this one, or another brand who we won't mention. I've wanted one since before the Cricut was a big name. ACK!!

Just go over here to Twig & Thistle. Show some love over on their great blog. (And it really is awesome! I'm LOVING the pumpkin place cards from today's blog. I think I might do this for Thanksgiving... Not that we have too many people here, but still.) Follow the directions at the bottom of the blog post. You have up to three chances for three entries. (For a total of three entries, not nine.) But enter soon because this giveaway closes tonight!!

Good luck!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dragonflies are pretty nifty. The spend the first part of their lives swimming underwater. They're pretty vicious predators too. They'll eat mosquito larva, baby fish and sometimes even tadpoles.
When they get to be bigger larva, they're kinda ugly/scary looking. They're brownish gray in color, have these long, skinny arms, big googly eyes and what looks like a pincher on their tail. They're certainly not anything with which I'd like to do battle.

Then, when they're old enough, they pull themselves out of the water onto a rock, branch or other sturdy thing, and they shed their ugly, scary, brown-gray bodies to reveal an amazingly beautiful creature. They're usually green, blue or other bright colors. But even the "plain" brown ones have an amazing daring, yet graceful beauty to them. It's amazing to think that something that started out so plain, so rough can turn into something so different.

But at the same time, you have to wonder: does it hurt when the dragonfly is shedding it's skin? How hard must it be to crack your shell open wide and pull yourself out of it? Just think about how hard it is to get out of a wetsuit, and then multiply that by a thousand.
Also, once the dragonfly leaves it's underwater life, it can't go back. It trades the water currents for air currents. Both of which are amazing, but both are very different lives.

I was lucky enough the other day to see a dragonfly as it was emerging from it's shell of an old life. I watched as it sat on the rock and dried it's wings. It was a pretty surreal picture to see the beautiful green dragonfly with glistening wings sitting on the empty shell of the "ugly" creature that it had just previously been.

Then I started thinking of myself. I've been having a really hard time of things lately, and I just haven't been able to make them anything but worse. I went down to the river, actually, to clear my mind; to let the currents wash away all of the bad. And that's when I saw it, and that's when it hit me.

No, change isn't ever easy. Change doesn't always happen intentionally. It sometimes is just a process which you go through, and you don't know how or why, and while it seems destructive, it's all a part of the growth process. Do you really think that the dragonfly larva knows why it's crawling out of the water, cracking it's skin open and crawling out of it? No. It just knows that something inside of it says, "Do this..." and it acts without thinking. It just does.
Anyway, I know that I was placed at the right place at the right time. This transformation of the dragonfly is something which I was meant to see. It was much like my life at the moment. It was hard and full of chaos, but when I finally emerge, people won't see me as the same person that I was before. I'll trade my old ways for new ways (water for wind). The new roads ahead of me will be will sometimes be dangerous (as were the old ones), and I'll find new foe, but I'll be safe(er) from the old ones, but they'll be amazing and exciting nonetheless.
Once my wings dry and I take flight, I'll be an amazing sight to see.
All thanks to the growth that happens in chaos.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Tonight was a beautiful night. I'm so glad too because I took Things One and Two out to several different stores, and they were HORRIBLE! I was quite relieved to be home, and to throw them into Daddy's care. And they were more than happy to go into his care, as he had promised to take them in the pool tonight.
When it was time to get out of the pool it was just starting to get dark, and the lightning bugs were just starting to come out. First it was a twinkle here and a twinkle there (and a Thing Two telling me that she had to go TINKLE), but then suddenly the whole back yard was filled with what seemed to be hundreds, no thousands, no MILLIONS of lightning bugs. It was AMAZING!
By this point in time, Thing One had gotten out of the pool. Thing Two still had not yet made it inside because she was too busy trying (and succeeding) to catch lightning bugs. They were maybe even just as excited about all of the twinkling in the yard as I was. I think that the Hubbs thinks that I'm more than just a little crazy now because I was sooo amazed and excited by all of the lightning bugs in the yard. However, it was just one of those times that made me extra thankful for being able to see, and thankful for all of the amazing gifts from God, because, too see these beautiful, amazing specks of light sitting and flitting through my backyard, well, it was an amazing gift. It's one that I hope that I don't soon forget, as I doubt that I'll see a lightning bug fest like that again.
It was also a gift that made me think of (feel) my Dad. I don't know if it's because it's getting to be July almost or no... Things like that make me think of him though. They make me feel (him) a little closer to him. Things like rainbows, warm breezes though the woods, millions of lightning bugs in the backyard, deer running through my neighborhood (I live in Suburbia. There are very few woods left here, so it's an unusual thing to see them here.), things like that. (These are not to be confused with things that make me THINK of him.)
It was such an amazing and fun thing to see. I wish that I would have had it on video. I can only hope that it foreshadows all of the wonderfully amazing things to come this summer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I've found a new love of jogging. I don't -can't go very far, and perhaps I'm not the most graceful jogger on the planet, but I really LOVE it. (And I saw someone jogging the other day, and just thought, "I KNOW I look better when I'm jogging than does that person." And this was a person who jogs several miles a day.) However, when I jog, I jog barefoot. Yes, you read right BAREFOOT, as in, wearing no shoes.
I hate shoes. I do. I really, really do. I was born barefoot, and I'll die barefoot. I've been walking barefoot for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty clumsy in shoes. I just can't feel the ground underneath of me, and well, I trip over things that aren't there. Besides, there are so many positive things to being barefoot, it's amazing more people aren't barefooted.
So anyway, I jog barefooted. People laugh at me, and they think that I'm crazy. Of course, they think that I'm crazy (for a number of reasons) because I just WALK around town barefooted. Sure, I carry my shoes for when I need to go inside a building, but when I'm outside, they're in my hand.
The problem with jogging barefooted is that I need just perfect conditions. It's got to be early morning or late afternoon so that the ground isn't too hot. It can't be too cold outside because, well, it's just too cold to be barefoot. It can't be the fall because when those pesky acorns fall and break, YOWSA! Do they ever hurt! So this basically leaves me only spring and summer.

A few months ago my friend showed me an ad for these cool shoes. (She's one of the ones who thinks I'm crazy for my barefootedness.) They're called Vibram's. They about the closest you get to being barefoot without actually being barefoot. From the instant I read the magazine ad I was in love! These shoes promise to be the answer to my jogging prayers. And, when compared with other sports shoes, they're pretty inexpensive. (Only 80 bucks on the website.) I can't wait until things calm down enough so that I can go get myself a pair. Hopefully it'll happen before the acorns fall!

And thanks so much Trainer Momma for making other people aware of the fact that I'm not the only one who jogs barefoot. There's a whole movement out there leaning towards this. Perhaps it's not the BIGGEST movement, but I'm not the only "crazy" person out there doing this.... Of course, if I get a pair of Vibram's, then I guess I won't be running barefoot anymore, will I?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Happy Birthday, Thing Two!!

You came into our lives as an expected surprise, and in the four years you've been around, things have been even more exciting than ever before. We love you more and more with each passing day.... Even if you try to send me to the insane asylum and daddy to the hospital because you've caused his blood pressure to rise too high. :-)

Your firey Independence is amazing, and when you're old enough, it will launch you to the stars!

I love you. Happy Birthday!

Strawberry Shortcake

Not what you think it is....

The other night Thing One was singing the jump rope song:

"Strawberry shortcake, cream on top....

How many boyfriends do you got?"

Perhaps I'm just a little too anal (okay, I KNOW I am), but this song just really bothered me for several reasons.

1.) He's a BOY.

I don't have a problem with him singing. I don't have a problem with him singing a jump rope song. I don't have a problem with him singing a jump rope song about Strawberry Shortcake, which, in this song, is the actual dessert. I have a problem with the boyfriends line.

I'm bothered because he was singing it to Thing Two, and I DON'T want to think about her having boyfriends yet -innocent song or not.

2.) It's stuck in my head. UGH! I just can't get rid of it. And when I finally do get it out of my head I see my strawberries in my refridgerator or on the front steps, or I see the Angel Food Cake in the kitchen, and the song is right back again, and lastly

3.) "How many boyfriends do you GOT?"

I know that my grammer isn't the best. I know that my writing skills (skilz) suck, but this line is like nails across the chalk board to me. UGH! Sure, "How many boyfriends do you HAVE?" doesn't rhyme, but it sure sounds a whole lot better to me. ACK!

Then take into consideration that I get this song stuck in my head all the time now, and I have the "do you got" part stuck as well.... Well, it's no wonder that my head is killing me today. It's certainly not because it's bright and sunny, and my regular and sun glasses are different perscriptions, and I've been switching back and forth all day. Nothing at all to do with that....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When do you eat?

When do you eat?

I eat when I'm hungry. (Duh.)

I eat when I'm bored.

I eat when I'm angry.

I eat when I'm sad.

I eat when I'm out with friends.

I eat when I'm full.

I eat when something is oh so yummy.

I eat and eat and eat when I'm craving something, and I don't know what it is, but eat everything in the house trying to figure out what it is.

I love to eat.

I've been lucky that it doesn't show entirely TOO much. However, I'm on my 5th year of being 28, and I know that my metabolism is all too soon to hit a brick wall. And (I'm hoping) that soon I won't have to be chasing around Thing Two as often as I need to do so now. After all, she is going to be a big four year old next week. I'm sure that once I can sit and (eat) catch my breath more that the calories won't be falling off as they normally do.

Even with summer just about here, I'm still shoving food into my mouth like it's going out of style. And unfortunately, it's NOT good food. Like today I had a nice cup of whipped, low fat yogurt for lunch. But I still wanted something, so I reached for the nachos and jar salsa. I was good though, and I poured a small amount of salsa into a bowl instead of just taking the whole bag and jar with me to veg out on the couch. Unfortunately, I didn't put the chips in a bowl, but brought the whole bag with me instead, so once my salsa was gone, I was still munching on the chips.

I blame this on watching whatever show I was watching. Had I not been so into the show, I would have noticed that I was waaaay over eating. Of course, I'm not serious, but it was nice to watch TV was was not either A.) Kid's shows, or B.) Husband's shows. And while it was nice to watch some "Mommy" TV, my belly really aches now.

And I did not clean. And I did not finish doing my "homework" for my meeting tonight. And I did not jog, and I did not shower yet. (I was planning on doing that after cleaning and jogging.) Now it's time to get the kiddos (almost), and the only thing I've accomplished is eating. -And that was NOT on the TO DO list, but still satisfying in an entirely different way.

Tomorrow will have to be filled with lots more water, lots more exercise, lots more cleaning and lots less eating when I'm not hungry. I don't care how much I love food!

And yes, of course, I'll be getting a shower after I publish this!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheating??? No way!

The kids really love butterflies -even Cool Dude, Thing One. They love to chase them. They love to ask questions about them. They love to watch them if they're lucky enough to catch them. They also love caterpillars, because well, all furry (or not so furry) turn into butterflies.

I thought that it would be super awesome to get them one of these caterpillar-to-butterfly kits that I hear about so often. How cool of a mom would I be to them then?! But let's not forget that I'm also a totally CHEAP mom, and I wasn't about to spend $19.99 (plus S&H) for the kit and then another $3.00 S&H for the worms themselves for a grand total of about, oh, lets say $30.00. (Don't forget that the kit itself is bigger and would cost more for postage.)

And before you think that I'm horrible because I couldn't bring myself to spend only $30 on my kiddos happiness, I want you to know that 1.) I wanted them for the CLASSROOMS, not for the house. Thus, I'd be spending SIXTY dollars... on things that may or may not even make it to butterflies, and 2.) I didn't have them when I was growing up, and I (for the most part) turned out just fine. Besides, I'M the one who wants them for the kids -not the kids themselves.

So what's a mom to do?

I'll tell you what THIS mom did. She went out, found herself a Gypsy Moth cocoon, pulled it out of the tree, and stuck it in a big 'ole (empty) cheese ball canister. Insect Lore, eat your heart out! It cost me a bit of sunburn (which I'm sure actually happened when we were out in the canoe -especially since the worms were in the shade), a bit of energy (which after my BLT w/ C for lunch I needed to burn off anyway), and my big plastic bottle that the kids use for lightning bugs. (Guess we'll have to eat more cheese balls.)

Again I say, Insect Lore, eat your heart out.

We brought it into school today. Thing Two was sooo excited to show his teachers and all of his classmates. Thing Two, on the other hand, had a full blown temper tantrum, actually it was more of an after effect of her heart breaking because she wanted caterpillars in her class too. And if you could have just seen her poor heart broken face you would have cried as well. She perked up a little when I told her we'd get one for her to bring into her class for Wednesday. She completely perked up when she remembered that we have a mini ant farm that she could bring in. (DON'T buy the mini ant farm from Target's dollar spot. The holes are too big for the ants, and they escape. Unfortunately, I found this out too late... *grrrr*)

So tomorrow we go on the hunt for another Gypsy Moth caterpillar cocoon. This might prove to be a bit difficult since from what I'm reading, they're not supposed to be out until June. Let's hope we find some more early risers!

Ugh! I just realized that we're going to have to eat A LOT of cheese balls tonight and tomorrow night! ACK! My belly hurts already!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is my favorite season. Well, that's a lie.

I LOVE Summer and the heat that comes with it. I love catching lightning bugs and butterflies with the kids. I love to be able to run through the sprinklers, go swimming in the back yard, or go to the beach on a whim. I even love the awe inspiring electrical storms that happen so frequently during the summer.

I love the Fall. I love looking at all of the beautiful colors that greet your eyes with every turn. I love the smell of crunchy leaves. I love picking apples and pumpkins. And even though I feel bad when carving pumpkins, I love eating pumpkin seeds that I've cooked myself. (I had originally typed "made myself," but even though I've made two little humans, I cannot make pumpkin seeds. ;-) )

I'm not too crazy about winter, it's cold and it's too short days. I do, however, love the snow. I love to play in the snow. I love to look at all the teeny tiny rainbows on the surface of the snow. It's beautiful. It makes the cold, short days bearable.

But Spring. Oh how I love Spring! The days get longer. The weather gets warmer. The flowers pop up everywhere. Baby animals are everywhere. Everything comes back to life in Spring. Things smell clean and fresh. It's as if all of the March Winds and April Showers blow and wash away all of the old, dead yukkiness of the previous year. It's a testament that, yes, life will go on.

Today, in a tribute to Spring, I pulled out my camera and my macro lens. I haven't used my macro in forever. I hand shoot, and, unfortunately, I don't stay very still, so my pictures aren't usually focused where I wanted them to be focused. I did get one or two good shots today. One in particular I LOVE. It's a picture of tulip buds.

And in the mean time my neighbors and anyone else driving down the street all now think that I'm crazy since I was crawling around on the ground, under the trees, in the mulch. The had no clue what I was doing. My neighbors three doors down, I think, think that I was sneaking around taking pictures of them out front of their house. They moved to the side of their house shortly after seeing me. I should go talk to them later, and let them know what I was doing! ;-)

Hope your enjoying spring where ever you are!

If you view this one full size, they're a really cool and pretty spiderweb on the bottom of the daffodil. It's glistening in the sunlight. Very pretty.... Even if you don't like spiders. :-)

Pretty maids all in a row.

My dirty hyacinths. The hubby and I were pulling out Virginia Creepers from the beds yesterday.

This one looks a lot better when it's viewed full sized. It's my favorite.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day (Religion involved)

Know what really bothers me about this holiday? (Yes, LOTS of things bother me.) The fact that most St. Patrick's Day decorations, clothing, foods, ect have FOUR LEAF CLOVERS
on them. Now you're confused, aren't you? Go ahead and ask why that bothers me. I'll tell ya why...

If you know anything about the history that surrounds good, ole St. Pat's Day, then you know that the miracle of St. Patrick's Day is that Saint Patrick picked up a shamrock (three leaves), had the Lord bless it, and chased the serpents out of Ireland with it. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit). There is no fourth being to be represented, so why do they use four leaf clovers on so many things?

And yes, I realize that they also use leprechauns (which are supposed to be mean, greedy and sometimes downright evil) and rainbows and pots of gold too, but that doesn't bother me as much as the shamrock/four leaf clover part... And I also know it's all about what sells, as every event is commercialized now, but I'm just as annoyed/angered by this as I am about devout atheists celebrating Christmas and even more so, EASTER. HELLO? Anyone else see the irony in this?

Christmas, whatever. Christmas is so over commercialized now I know some Jewish people who even celebrate it. (And they celebrate Hanukkah. Lucky ducks!) But EASTER?! Easter is the basis of all Christianity. It is the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead that is being celebrated on Easter. And if you say that you don't believe in God, in Jesus, in any of that stuff WHY are you celebrating it??

It's just to help to drive me insane, isn't it? Yup. That's what I thought...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to School!

The kiddlets are back in school today after a FOUR day weekend. WHY did they have a four day weekend, you ask. Well, it was because of the HUGE "Snowicane" we had... Or rather, DIDN'T have...
Our 3rd or 4th snow storm of the season left us with a whopping 2 inches in our yard. I could still see the tops of the grass. To say that I was disappointed is the understatement of the century. I love snow storms, and besides, they mean work for the hubster. :-)
Anyway, school was closed. Kids were home. Kids were nuts. Time FLEW by though. I couldn't believe that it's Monday already when my alarm was sounding this morning. Even after a four day weekend, Monday's seem to come too soon, and too EARLY.
So over our four day weekend, I had some great blogs working out in my head. However, since I stayed up until 2 AM watching..... I don't remember what, I'm awfully sleep deprived. My brain isn't working, and I don't have a clue what those blogs were about. (Right now I'd just be happy to remember what was so interesting that I stayed up until 2 AM watching it....)
Whatever... Maybe it'll come back to me as I'm working today. Time to make the doughnuts, er, rather bows today. My quota is a full 30 of them -completely finished. We'll see how that goes.
I'd rather take a nap...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day... a little late!

Valentine's Day is, although very commercial, very cute. It's fun. It's a nice excuse to get a box of chocolates. :-) Goodness knows I'm a chocoholic! DH did well this year, and got me a box of Ghiradelli chocolates. Yum!

It's also cute because of the kidlets and their Valentines. I remember being in grade school, and trading cards. I could give the boy on whom I had a secret crush a valentine, and he'd never know that I had a crush on him because everyone else got one too. Sounds weird, but it was just the fact that I could express my "love" to him without him knowing it that was great.

Thing One and Thing Two were very excited about Valentine's Day this year. And I have to say, I was excited for them! I bought super cool (by my standards) Valentines last year for them to give out this year. I got them on an after season clearance sale for about fifty cents a box. Yay me! Thing one had cool leggo sticker puzzle cards, and Thing Two had cute 3-D cards. (The ones that are wavy plastic on top. When you hold them one way you see one thing, and if you hold them the other, you see something else.) Both were very cool. Each kiddo was going to get a lollipop taped to their card. (In MY day's it would have been a lollipop taped to their ENVELOPE. When did Valentine's stop coming with envelopes? What a PIA.)

Well, theeen I found that Chuck E. Cheese had FREE printable Valentines online. The side of the Valentine was a coupon for five FREE tokens. How fun would that be for the kids, I thought. My kids go NUTS over CEC.

Unfortunately, I later realized that the coupon was only good with a food purchase. DRAT! They were already printed and cut. They were going out anyway. They could sit in other parents homes like the Wendy's or Friendly's coupons that we get.

But THHHEEEENNN I found a cute tutorial on making heart shaped lollipops out of mini candy canes. Actually, I found this shortly after Christmas, stocked up on mini candy canes, and forgot about them. Well, that is, until one box fell face down on the floor, and almost off of the candy canes inside broke. And then I forgot again until another box fell and broke. That's when I decided to move the boxes off the sewing table. :-P

So the night before the big Valentine's Day party I, with house guests, remembered to make my lollipops. After all, how hard could they be, right? Five minutes in a 300 degree oven, insert lollipop stick, pinch closed, cool, wrap. Easy as pie.... Well, I'm not very good at cooking pie... Ask my family who, ever so nicely, attempted to eat my Shoo Fly pie that I made for Thanksgiving last year. That's a mistake I won't make again. Same with these lollipops.

Really, they're a very simple idea. Bake until they just start to melt. This is supposed to take around five minutes. Well, it didn't. First batch, not six minutes either. So up I went to read the kids a QUICK story. Came back down, and they were a meltly, unrecognizable mess on the tray. Good thing I still had six boxes of good candy canes!

Next batch went in the oven. Next batch still was not melted at five minutes or six minutes. At approx six minutes and 22 seconds, they were a melty mess, but still resembled candy cane hearts. They were going to preschoolers and kindergartners, so they were good enough for me!

Time to put the sticks in place. Well, that was a whole other ball game. The tutorial mentioned to be careful because the pan would still be HOT, but failed to say, "Hey, Stupid! You just melted hard candy. While it's still pliable, it's going to be scorching hot!" I found this out the hard way. I also realized that the candy cools down VERY fast. Too fast, as a matter of fact, to get all of my lollipop sticks situated, so I had to put them back in the oven to remelt them, and hope that I didn't OVER melt them.

Batch number three was in the oven, and D asked me if I had any good ones yet. She saw the yukky mess of the first batch. I gave her a curt "NO," but didn't mean it snippy towards her, but just because I was frustrated in general. She laughed, and told me that she was only joking when she asked. Her laughing lightened me for a few. A laugh with D will always do this. :-)

I finally started putting the lollipop sticks in the oven as I was melting the candy. It saved a few precious seconds, and seemed to work better. The lollipops started working and looking better, and as I said, they were going to 3/4/5/6 year olds who wouldn't/couldn't appreciate all the time and effort I was putting into them anyway.

Then came time for wrapping them. This is where I found out just how fragile they are! As I told D, be careful how hard you put them down. Be careful of how you even look at them because if you look at them wrong they'll break! Let's just hope that some of the school kids got ones that weren't broken. Too bad if they didn't. At least the teachers got to see them before the kids got to them.

They looked cuter when they were all wrapped up, but the whole ordeal was just very stressful to me. If I had to do it again, I would have about five more boxes of candy canes, and I'd start making them before 8:30-9 PM the night before they're due. But I think that next year I'll just buy the red heart lollipops again. :-P

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Posting Pictures

Can anyone PUH-LEASE tell me how I can post pictures in the middle of my blog? Thanks so much!!

Uh oh! We need a tooth pillow!

What do you do when your first born looses his first tooth, and you don't yet have a tooth pillow? Do you:
A.) Run to the store (the day after a blizzard) and hope that they have tooth pillows there?
B.) Go to Etsy, find the closest makers of tooth pillows there, and drive an hour to get one (the day after a blizzard)?
C.) Tell them to forget about a tooth pillow, just put the tooth under the pillow? No, I don't care how much you wanted a tooth pillow, just put the dang tooth under the pillow!
D.) Say you've been bad, and the Tooth Fairy isn't going to come tonight anyway? or
E.) Search your house to see what kind of craft/sewing materials you have on hand.
I thought about "C", but went with option "E" instead.
Thing One lost his first tooth today. I didn't think it would come out for another week or so. He came to me this morning, and told me that he was playing with it, and look what happened! (He broke the front part of the tooth loose, so it was only holding on with the back.) I still thought it would be there for a while.
As he was eating his PopTart (yeah, great breakfast, I know...) he told me that he was chewing with his front tooth. I told him that he's supposed to only BITE with his front teeth, and if he's having a problem with that then to break apart his PopTart. He asked me to do it for him because apparently (I'm so much better at it), he was breaking the pieces too large, and if he made them smaller he got filling all over his hands.
As I was breaking it apart, he started shouting, "MOM! LOOK!" He spit out his tooth in his hand, and triumphantly held it up for me to see. No blood. No mess. No pain. No crying. He was so proud!

Thing Two, on the other hand, was not so proud. She looked at his tooth, at his mouth, and back at his tooth and turned a shade of green/gray. I thought she was going to pass out! She exclaimed that she DID NOT like it, and she wanted it back in his mouth. I told her that a new BIG tooth was growing there, and that's why the little one fell out. I told her that she could see the new tooth coming up where the other one was. (It was actually just part of his gum that was whitish where the tooth was attached just moments before.) She was happy with that, and her normal color returned to her face. THANK GOODNESS!
So instead of getting worrying about a tooth pillow then, I did some work, played on FaceBook, played with the kids, talked on the phone, went outside and played in the snow, played on FaceBook some more, talked on the phone more, had dinner, read some blogs, played with the kids, and then I realized that it was time for bed. And Thing One was adamant about NOT going to bed without a tooth pillow.
So I searched my house for acceptable materials for a tooth pillow. Actually, several times during the day I looked for fabric that I had purchased to use as a nap mat cover last year, but never made the cover. It's some kind of blue Hulk material. Blue is Thing One's favorite color. Perfect! Use blue Hulk material, a piece of white felt, and some stuffing. Uh oh. No stuffing... Doesn't matter anyway, I can't find the blue material...
I DID find, however, black felt, white felt, and red felt. You know what colors they are, don't you? PIRATE!! So I made a pirate tooth pillow.
Step one - Draw a rough skull outline on a piece of paper.

Step 2 - pin rough skull skull shape to white felt. Cut out skull shape. (I have two here because I was going to make the pillow just the skull. I wasn't going to put it on an actual pillow.)

Step three - Cut out eye shape and eye patch shape from black felt. Using scraps, cut four (or so) strips for the space between the teeth, a strip for the eye patch strap, and a rounded upside down heart for the nose.

Step four - Cut a boat shape, and a tail shape from red felt.

(Assemble pieces on white skull cut out several times to see if they fit properly. Cut smaller to fix if they do not. :-P )

Step five - Using coordinating thread, stitch on face pieces. I used a straight stitch. One stitch up/down for the teeth (in the middle of the strip of felt), Out line of the patch, patch strap, eye, and nose. Stitch along the top edge of your skull to stitch on the red bandanna. Don't stitch on your "knot" yet. (I made this mistake.)
DON'T stitch the top of your eye patch closed. This will be where your tooth/reward goes.

Step six - Stitch your skull face onto your black felt. Which, in my directions, I have omitted as a step b/c I wasn't going to do this... So let's back up a minute....

Step SIX - Cut a two pieces of black felt just bigger than your skull.

Step SEVEN - Stitch your skull face onto your black felt. I used black thread on the white skull because I like the contrasting look. You can use white if you'd like.

Step eight - Stitch your knot/tail onto your bandanna and your front of your pillow. Make sure you stitch down the tails as well. I didn't do this, and I'm afraid Thing Two might pull it off.

Step nine - Lay your front and back pieces of felt together, wrong sides facing. (I wanted a rough edge. It's a pirate skull after all.) Stitch around right side, top, and left side. Leave the bottom open for stuffing.

Step ten - Using Polyfill (which I didn't have. Luckily I had some batting.) or other stuffing material you have on hand, stuff that baby good!

Step eleven - Stitch the bottom of your pillow closed. When your tension gets all messed up on your final stitches, yell and and bang stuff because you're so close to being done, and now your machine is messing up.

Step twelve - Decide that you don't care to unstitch the messy, loopy stitches that came from your bobbin. You're just going to cut them off and sew over them. It's black thread on black felt on your son's tooth pillow. No one's going to notice.

Step thirteen - (I had to make this one up because I don't want to end on Thirteen!) Squish your pillow to flatten out the inside filling. (Okay, I didn't really make this up. I really did this. It made the pillow look nicer to have the filling a little more even.)

Step fourteen - Give to the toothless one, place tooth inside, place under pillow and hope the Tooth Fairy remembers!

I made this in about an hour. The ONLY reason it took so long is because I didn't have a plan for it, and I kept changing things up. Now that I know what I'm doing, it should only take about 30 minutes. I might go to the store Tuesday and get more felt to make one for Thing Two... Not that she's anywhere near loosing her teeth, but I'd rather not be so pressed for time next time!

Monday, February 8, 2010

99 leggies...

"99 pairs of leggies are done. 99 pairs all done. If one of those pairs should happen to sell, 98 pairs of leggies all done..."

Yup. Finally getting around to the bulk of it. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna succeed at this. *I* have to do it. No one else is going to do it for me. No one else is going to make me succeed, and no one is going to hold me back. I hold my future success (or lack thereof) in my hands.

Not so much a blog, but some positive reinforcement to myself...

I have a "vendor fair" next month. I was up in the air about it for a little while, and then spoke about it with a friend. She jumped right on it, and I was amazed. Although, her fire for it was contagious, and soon I was VERY excited about attending. It was a nice feeling to be excited about this business again. I've been down in the dumps about it for about 2 weeks now. You see, I've found that another person has finally come up the the same idea as I have come up with in regard to the leggies. They've also decided to market their leggies. I've been very sad, mad, whatever because I didn't follow through with the patent process, and now he was this new person with *my* idea, and they were (selling them for a lot more) getting all kinds of exposure -everywhere.

They're not going to hold me down though. There are all kinds of different manufacturers of the same products. Most of them all do well. Look at Baby Legs leg warmers, and look at all of the work-at-home-mammas who make them, and make a nice living off of them.

I can do this. I BELIEVE in this. I BELIEVE in MYSELF (most times). I'm out of my slump. I'm going to get all of my inventory back on track, and I'm going to kick patootie at the vendor fair.

Thanks *M* for helping to get me back on track! <3

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's proclamation....

Be it hereby resolved that I will have a productive day today. I will get much accomplished in little time. I will get my laundry not only washed and dried, but folded and put away too. I will run my dishwasher, and then I will put the dishes away within less than an hour of them being finished. I will get my bathroom cleaned. I will get the Christmas presents put away. I will start dinner early, so that we may eat no later than 5:30. I will get my packages ready to go before the kids are to be picked up from school. I will be on time to get the kids from school.

As Queen of the land, this is what I say, and this is incontestable by all.

Sounds good, right? This was my plan from this morning. My computer froze up, and I never got around to posting it. Good thing too... I separated the laundry, did a load of laundry, loaded and ran the dishwasher, and took a nap..... A nice nap. A long nap. I deserved it. I went to bed at 12:30, and thing 2 was up at 4 AM to start the day. At 5:15 I brought her down to lay with Daddy on the couch so that the TV could babysit for a little while. Common! You would have done it too!

So now "Today's Proclamation" will be tomorrow's proclamation. It's a good plan, don't you think? Well begun is half done. I WILL get my stuff together! I will! .....Tomorrow.... :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So here it is, January 12th... The 12th day of January. The 12th day of the new year. On day 10 or 11, I had broken my resolution already. My resolution was to NOT make any resolutions this year. I never keep them anyway. Why build myself up for disappointment this year?

Well, I decided the other day that I was going to ditch that resolution, and make a new one. It was a good one too. It was one that didn't really seem to be too hard to keep -right? My resolution was to get my crap together... I didn't actually use the word crap. I actually resolved to get my $**t together.

Well, as I've already stated, today is day 12. I'm no closer to getting my STUFF together than I was 30 days ago. I have no more inspiration to get my STUFF together than I did 30 days ago. I look at it/think about it, and flop back down on the couch again. I'm just SO LAZY anymore.

I have no desire to do ANYTHING. Some days it's a challenge for me to brush my teeth during the course of the day. Don't get me wrong, I DO get it done, but my 3 year old has more excitement in brushing her teeth than do I....

And then I start thing about all the crap that I have to do like meetings, orders, inventory, new stock, letters, advertising, meetings. Don't even get me started on basic household chores like laundry, cleaning or dishes. Yup. You'll find me back on the couch. (Actually, you'll find me on the computer.)

Apparently, I've just been out of the workplace for too long. I don't know how to just tackle an obstacle anymore. I don't know how to just muddle through it -as much as I don't want to muddle through it, until it's done. I have no pressure to get it done, so it just doesn't get done.

Actually, I do have pressure to get it done. Better wording would have been, I don't have a boss with a pink slip in hand breathing down my back waiting for me to get it done. Now the pressure to get it done is the seemingly ever growing piles of dishes, laundry or toys. It's the meetings that grow closer and closer, for which I still have to do my leg work. It's the customers looking for new items. It's the orders that are waiting to be mailed out.

I just don't have the desire, the motivation, the.... whatever to do it. You wouldn't think that it would be that hard to finally put away the Christmas presents, would you? At least it's still less than a week past the Epiphany. I give myself until tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Maybe tomorrow, lucky 13, will be the day that I finally get all "my crap" together.

But how many New Year's Resolutions are really kept anyway? I should have just stuck with the resolution to not make any resolutions.... There would have been no dissapointments in that....