Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Tonight was a beautiful night. I'm so glad too because I took Things One and Two out to several different stores, and they were HORRIBLE! I was quite relieved to be home, and to throw them into Daddy's care. And they were more than happy to go into his care, as he had promised to take them in the pool tonight.
When it was time to get out of the pool it was just starting to get dark, and the lightning bugs were just starting to come out. First it was a twinkle here and a twinkle there (and a Thing Two telling me that she had to go TINKLE), but then suddenly the whole back yard was filled with what seemed to be hundreds, no thousands, no MILLIONS of lightning bugs. It was AMAZING!
By this point in time, Thing One had gotten out of the pool. Thing Two still had not yet made it inside because she was too busy trying (and succeeding) to catch lightning bugs. They were maybe even just as excited about all of the twinkling in the yard as I was. I think that the Hubbs thinks that I'm more than just a little crazy now because I was sooo amazed and excited by all of the lightning bugs in the yard. However, it was just one of those times that made me extra thankful for being able to see, and thankful for all of the amazing gifts from God, because, too see these beautiful, amazing specks of light sitting and flitting through my backyard, well, it was an amazing gift. It's one that I hope that I don't soon forget, as I doubt that I'll see a lightning bug fest like that again.
It was also a gift that made me think of (feel) my Dad. I don't know if it's because it's getting to be July almost or no... Things like that make me think of him though. They make me feel (him) a little closer to him. Things like rainbows, warm breezes though the woods, millions of lightning bugs in the backyard, deer running through my neighborhood (I live in Suburbia. There are very few woods left here, so it's an unusual thing to see them here.), things like that. (These are not to be confused with things that make me THINK of him.)
It was such an amazing and fun thing to see. I wish that I would have had it on video. I can only hope that it foreshadows all of the wonderfully amazing things to come this summer.