Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So here it is, January 12th... The 12th day of January. The 12th day of the new year. On day 10 or 11, I had broken my resolution already. My resolution was to NOT make any resolutions this year. I never keep them anyway. Why build myself up for disappointment this year?

Well, I decided the other day that I was going to ditch that resolution, and make a new one. It was a good one too. It was one that didn't really seem to be too hard to keep -right? My resolution was to get my crap together... I didn't actually use the word crap. I actually resolved to get my $**t together.

Well, as I've already stated, today is day 12. I'm no closer to getting my STUFF together than I was 30 days ago. I have no more inspiration to get my STUFF together than I did 30 days ago. I look at it/think about it, and flop back down on the couch again. I'm just SO LAZY anymore.

I have no desire to do ANYTHING. Some days it's a challenge for me to brush my teeth during the course of the day. Don't get me wrong, I DO get it done, but my 3 year old has more excitement in brushing her teeth than do I....

And then I start thing about all the crap that I have to do like meetings, orders, inventory, new stock, letters, advertising, meetings. Don't even get me started on basic household chores like laundry, cleaning or dishes. Yup. You'll find me back on the couch. (Actually, you'll find me on the computer.)

Apparently, I've just been out of the workplace for too long. I don't know how to just tackle an obstacle anymore. I don't know how to just muddle through it -as much as I don't want to muddle through it, until it's done. I have no pressure to get it done, so it just doesn't get done.

Actually, I do have pressure to get it done. Better wording would have been, I don't have a boss with a pink slip in hand breathing down my back waiting for me to get it done. Now the pressure to get it done is the seemingly ever growing piles of dishes, laundry or toys. It's the meetings that grow closer and closer, for which I still have to do my leg work. It's the customers looking for new items. It's the orders that are waiting to be mailed out.

I just don't have the desire, the motivation, the.... whatever to do it. You wouldn't think that it would be that hard to finally put away the Christmas presents, would you? At least it's still less than a week past the Epiphany. I give myself until tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Maybe tomorrow, lucky 13, will be the day that I finally get all "my crap" together.

But how many New Year's Resolutions are really kept anyway? I should have just stuck with the resolution to not make any resolutions.... There would have been no dissapointments in that....

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Coffee Please!?! said...

I am so getting you the book I am reading. Good thing your birthday is on its way! <3