Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When do you eat?

When do you eat?

I eat when I'm hungry. (Duh.)

I eat when I'm bored.

I eat when I'm angry.

I eat when I'm sad.

I eat when I'm out with friends.

I eat when I'm full.

I eat when something is oh so yummy.

I eat and eat and eat when I'm craving something, and I don't know what it is, but eat everything in the house trying to figure out what it is.

I love to eat.

I've been lucky that it doesn't show entirely TOO much. However, I'm on my 5th year of being 28, and I know that my metabolism is all too soon to hit a brick wall. And (I'm hoping) that soon I won't have to be chasing around Thing Two as often as I need to do so now. After all, she is going to be a big four year old next week. I'm sure that once I can sit and (eat) catch my breath more that the calories won't be falling off as they normally do.

Even with summer just about here, I'm still shoving food into my mouth like it's going out of style. And unfortunately, it's NOT good food. Like today I had a nice cup of whipped, low fat yogurt for lunch. But I still wanted something, so I reached for the nachos and jar salsa. I was good though, and I poured a small amount of salsa into a bowl instead of just taking the whole bag and jar with me to veg out on the couch. Unfortunately, I didn't put the chips in a bowl, but brought the whole bag with me instead, so once my salsa was gone, I was still munching on the chips.

I blame this on watching whatever show I was watching. Had I not been so into the show, I would have noticed that I was waaaay over eating. Of course, I'm not serious, but it was nice to watch TV was was not either A.) Kid's shows, or B.) Husband's shows. And while it was nice to watch some "Mommy" TV, my belly really aches now.

And I did not clean. And I did not finish doing my "homework" for my meeting tonight. And I did not jog, and I did not shower yet. (I was planning on doing that after cleaning and jogging.) Now it's time to get the kiddos (almost), and the only thing I've accomplished is eating. -And that was NOT on the TO DO list, but still satisfying in an entirely different way.

Tomorrow will have to be filled with lots more water, lots more exercise, lots more cleaning and lots less eating when I'm not hungry. I don't care how much I love food!

And yes, of course, I'll be getting a shower after I publish this!


Coffee Please!?! said...

you jog?

Bloggie McBlogger said...

Not well, and not far, but yes.... With my feet in the nude. :-)

Coffee Please!?! said...

egads - visual. someday you will get fat. sorry but it is a prayer that i say every day. now if you would just post something new, i wouldn't be picking on you!

Coffee Please!?! said...

and you're supposed to wear proper running shoes for jogging. you could screw up your whole .... alignment? ???
my word verification is fectaute - what the h.e.double hockey sticks (which apparently was just made up by my son's 3rd grade friends) is fectaute??

Bloggie McBlogger said...

Shoes mess up your alignment. That's why people today have so many back problems, knee, joint problems.... And then they buy expensive shoe inserts, and do further damage.