Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day (Religion involved)

Know what really bothers me about this holiday? (Yes, LOTS of things bother me.) The fact that most St. Patrick's Day decorations, clothing, foods, ect have FOUR LEAF CLOVERS
on them. Now you're confused, aren't you? Go ahead and ask why that bothers me. I'll tell ya why...

If you know anything about the history that surrounds good, ole St. Pat's Day, then you know that the miracle of St. Patrick's Day is that Saint Patrick picked up a shamrock (three leaves), had the Lord bless it, and chased the serpents out of Ireland with it. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit). There is no fourth being to be represented, so why do they use four leaf clovers on so many things?

And yes, I realize that they also use leprechauns (which are supposed to be mean, greedy and sometimes downright evil) and rainbows and pots of gold too, but that doesn't bother me as much as the shamrock/four leaf clover part... And I also know it's all about what sells, as every event is commercialized now, but I'm just as annoyed/angered by this as I am about devout atheists celebrating Christmas and even more so, EASTER. HELLO? Anyone else see the irony in this?

Christmas, whatever. Christmas is so over commercialized now I know some Jewish people who even celebrate it. (And they celebrate Hanukkah. Lucky ducks!) But EASTER?! Easter is the basis of all Christianity. It is the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead that is being celebrated on Easter. And if you say that you don't believe in God, in Jesus, in any of that stuff WHY are you celebrating it??

It's just to help to drive me insane, isn't it? Yup. That's what I thought...

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Coffee Please!?! said...

Bet you have an easter basket or two though ... with candy ... nothing to do with Christianity other than the fact that God gave us Chocolate because he loves us. LMAO.