Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cleaning and Lists

It's amazing what happens when I clean. I find stuff... Stuff that I didn't know was missing, and (if I'm lucky) stuff that's been sorely missed.
My little notebook in which I've been writing my blogs belongs in that second category. I've been lost without if for months now. Not only does it have my mindless ramblings, and late night warblings in it, but it's also home to all of my lists.
Yes, I'm a list maker. They help to calm me. I make all kinds of lists: Things I need from the grocery store, upcoming events in my life (like a calendar, but in list form), things that I have to do over the course of the day, things I'd do/buy if I ever hit the $1,000,000 lotto. Heck! Some days I'd even settle for the $1000 lotto! Anything. Everything. You name it, I'll make a list about it. Like here and here, and I guess that even this is a list too, isn't it? So you already know I like lists.
They help to calm me. they make me feel as if I've got some control over at least some of the things in this hectic, fly by the seat of my pants life that I live.
Perhaps a SCHEDULE more so than a LIST would help to calm me... But then again, isn't a schedule just a list of activities with times attached to them???
Enh, You say TA-mato;
I say TOE-mato.

My list says it's time for me to clean house now... Either that, or no one will have anywhere to have their turkey dinner tomorrow... :-P
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to give thanks for EVERYTHING in life -big and small. And don't forget to GIVE, and give from your heart.
Much love <3
Happy Thanksgiving

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