Monday, June 22, 2009

Some more money savers for you, and our play date ;-)

Cool Dude and Little Miss have their first Monday play-date of the summer. Now we've got four kiddos in the house. It's good. It's fun. They all play well together -for the most part! ;-) Can't really expect to have four kids together all day without someone getting upset for some reason. We wouldn't live in real life now, would we?
Right now, all four kids are happily playing with Play Doh. Wonder how long the peace/calm will last? Hopefully long enough for me to get out this little bloggie thingy today! :-)
Not much to share, but I got these two in my inbox yesterday. They're too good to NOT share.

(By the way, if they're in green, they're clickable links!)

Best Deals Magazines

If normally get any kinds of magazines you NEED to check this site out! They have AWESOME prices on magazine subscriptions normally, but each day they have a different magazine marked down to a super duper value.

Today (Monday 6/22) they have FAMILY FUN Magazine (one of my favorites) on sale for $4.89 for one year (10 issues). It's normally six dollars and some change (I think) through BDM. They also send out coupon codes for 18% off of their already low prices.

Use coupon code FATHER17 at check out, and receive another 17% off your entire purchase today! (I'll post another coupon code if I get one tomorrow.)

Tuesday 6/23 is ACCENT ON HOME & GARDEN Magazine for $4.29 for a year's subscription.

Wednesday 6/24 is EVERYDAY WITH RACHAEL RAY for $7.89

Thursday 6/25 is LIFE EXTENSION for $4.29

Friday 6/26 is BUDGET TRAVEL for $5.49

Saturday 6/27 is DOG WORLD for $9.49, and

Sunday 6/28 is MARTHA STEWART LIVING for $14.49

Coupon code FATHER17 (good for another 17% off your entire purchase) expires 11:59 EST Monday, June 22.

Magazine subscriptions vary from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, ect. Check out the subscription details before ordering. (I know Family Fun is only 10 issues a year.)



I know that I've had up a lot of posts about this lately, but I REALLY like the idea of this place! DH doesn't like it because they have minimum food purchase requirements, but hey, I got a few for a nice place a few towns over. We've wanted to try it for a while, and the minimum food requirement is only $35 dollars. I KNOW that we'll meet that without a problem. Even if it is "just a coupon" it's still a savings, and don't well all love saving money anyway?

Anyway, in case you missed the $25 dollar gift certificates for two dollars, don't fret! It's back again, but only for four days!

Choose as many $25 gift certificates as you'd like. Enter coupon code DISH, and hit "apply." (Make sure you hit "apply" or you may not get your savings!)

Coupon code DISH expires 11:59 PST on THURSDAY, JUNE 25!

(These made really great end of year teacher's gifts too!)


E.L.F. stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. This site has all kinds of make-up needs from brushes, to eyeliner, to nail polish to bath gel. They're really expanding. They even have their own version of Minerals. I don't use much make-up, so I don't know how the Minerals compare, but I like their tools, eye shadows (kits), lip glosses and eye liners.

Most of their tools and a lot of their make-ups are a dollar. (This Wet N Wild, but better.) Use coupon code 5FOR5FREE at checkout, and get five DOLLAR ITEMS free (with a ten dollar purchase.) If you only put 10 dollar items in your cart, then this is a 50% off coupon.

Check out E.L.F. today, and see if you can't find something (some things) worth five dollars! ;-)

Think that's it for now. If I find/think of any more, I'll be sure to post them.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Play Doh only last for about 30 minutes. They started dwindling off one-by-one after that. Cool Dude and Little Miss were the last ones to leave the Play-Doh table. They don't usually get to play with it, and they ask me for it all the time. They weren't going to be so fast to pass up the opportunity to play with it!

And I'm not sure how parents with more then two kiddos do it. I just got lunch together for four kiddos, and it must have taken me 15-20 minutes. And I only made PB&J sandwiches (for three of them). Perhaps it was the taking of the orders, finding out what kind of jelly, toasting the bread, then just the making of them. Then came the who wants what to drink, ect. I'm not sure why it was so difficult... Well, it wasn't THAT difficult, but it sure seemed to take longer then I'm used to lunch taking to make. :-) Maybe it's just because I'm finally seeing some BLUE SKY (which we haven't seen for DAYS), and I'm just jonesing to get back outside.

On that note, check out the links and the deals, then get yourselves outside too! (Weather permitting!)


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