Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New view on blog reading...

Okay, so I'm uber sensitive to lots of things. I cry when watching REMOTELY sad or happy movies. I want to donate all of my money (not that I have any) to different charities. I have to fight back the tears when I see other kids crying. (This was a hard task when two kids on the playground -one of whom is on of Cool Guy's BFF's got hurt the other day.) I cry when I watch Johnson & Johnson's commercials... And don't even get me started on the Chicken Soup books!

So can someone PLEASE tell me why I've found myself stuck reading tons and tons and tons of blogs of families of sick babies and kiddos. I'm so emotional all the time, and I'm reading these roller coaster rides of these AMAZING families. Really, I don't know how they do it. Reading these blogs make all of my problems sooo trivial. They remind me of just how lucky, and just how blessed we really are to not have to deal with the trials of some of the families... Families that have the amazing ability to push on, and families that have the most AMAZING FAITH ever.

I once read something or another about why the Lord allows suffering of His children. It was something along the lines of how it brings out the good in people, and how it draws us closer together, and closer to Him. These blogs are the workings of His miracles, as, through their pain and suffering, they are opening up the hearts of countless people. They're touching places in peoples hearts, and opening them up to the Lord without even knowing it. They're causing multitudes of people to pray -to speak to Him.

And, okay, sometimes when I think about it, I get angry that He should work that way -calling us to Him through someone else's suffering, that is. But I know that we do not understand His ways. I know that we CANNOT understand His ways. I know though, that it truly IS a MIRACLE how people DO connect, DO draw together, and DO call out to Him through these sufferings.

And the one who is at the heart of the suffering, the one who is suffering, well, it's just amazing to think that they are responsible for this miracle of, well, love from sooo many people. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MIRACLE. So this "burden" of being sick that they bear, well, I'm sure that their parents would give it up for them in an instant, but really, they're at the center of a miracle. And to me, that's awe inspiring.

And maybe that's why I've been reading these blogs. Not because I like to cry my heart out for someone elses sufferings, but because I just want to be able to be that much closer to a miracle.

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