Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When the Muse decends

Do you know where I find that I have the most inspiration? In the bathroom. Nice, eh? No, it's not while I'm using the "facilities." That would just be TOO GROSS to blog about, and quite frankly, I'm not THAT comfortable blogging to you guys about stuff like that.

It could be while I"m in the shower, brushing my teeth, or even in the ten seconds between when I close the door and Little Miss starts screaming as if I've just excommunicated her for life. (Yes, she IS quite the drama queen. I can't imagine WHERE she gets it!)

Yup. I'm inspired by my bathroom. Great. And by the time I get downstairs to the computer... Yup. You guessed it... My train of thought is derailed, and all of my wonderful blogging stories just washed down the drain with the toothpaste.

Inspired by the bathroom. Great...

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