Friday, May 29, 2009

Here I am

Yes, here I am. I finally have a "Blog Spot." Now all I need in one of those wonderful contraptions out of Stephen King's Tommyknockers and I'm all set. You know about what I'm talking. The thingy that, oh... What's her name?? Bobbie? The lead character wears, and it reads her thoughts and prints them on paper. I've wanted one of those things FOR YEARS! I hear that they're pretty expensive in these parts though. Guess I'll have to move to Bangor, Maine, and trip over a spaceship out in the woods if I want one. ;-)

Really, I really need one of them. At any given moment (when I'm away from the computer) I have about a gazillion perfect blogging topics in my head. And of course when I sit here they've all gone somewhere else. I guess I forgot to put the corks in my ears again... (The ones that keep the thoughts from falling out.) *sigh*

Stay tuned... Hopefully I'll remember something worth writing and reading!

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