Friday, August 14, 2009

The little things in life

So it's the little things in life that really make such a big difference. No, I'm not talking about my Thing 1 and Thing 2 being my little things that make a big difference. They make a HUGE difference. I'm talking about the little day-to-day things that you normally don't think about, but they make things in life so much easier.... And since I love making lists so much, I figured that I'd compile a list of those little, not so often thought about little things for which I'm thankful. Feel free to share your own lists as well. I like to hear about other people's little things. :-)

I'm thankful for (and don't forget, these are the SMALL THINGS in life, not things like God, family, friends, health, ect...)

Twist ties. You know, the little plastic coated wire thingies that you use to close bread bags and stuff. They come in boxes of garbage bags, but I don't use them for the garbage. I use them for so many other things though -even hair bow making!

That bread makers/slicers were smart enough to slice the bread in an EVEN number of slices. So much easier/better then having one slice left over when you use it to make sandwiches.

Self adhesive stamps. Do I really need to explain this one?

Sippy Cups because I was just fool enough to give Little Miss a regular cup, and she dunked her hands in it before spilling it. Luckily it was only water. Unluckily, I spilled the rest of it while cleaning up her mess!

Free samples tucked inside the mail. It's always nice to get a little treasure (and not a bill) in the mail.

When free samples in the mail come with COUPONS!

Thrift Store treasures, like my book I bought for 99 cents, and sold it yesterday for $20.50! :-D

Aluminum foil. I just can't get that plastic wrap to work for me!!

Having a pirate birthday party around Halloween. Woo Whoo! There is sooo much skull & cross bone stuff out for Halloween. I'm really lucking out this year!

Baby wipes. They great not just for cleaning up messy behinds. (EWW!) They're good for cleaning everything!

Debit Cards. They make it easier for me to track my money, and I'm not thinking that I dropped a 20 dollar bill on the ground all the time.

Clothes pins. They're great for clothes lines, of course, but also arts and crafts, letter holders, toast getter's (if stuck between two tongue depressors), and more!

And so much more of which I can't remember right now because I'm sitting down to blog. I've already told you that when I sit here to blog, I forget everything that was on my mind. Gotta love it!

Now, I want to hear yours! Let's remind everyone not to dwell on what seems to be like the huge, horrible things in life b/c life is made up of TONS of little things, little blessings, most of which are over looked all the time. The good, if noticed, certainly outweighs the bad!

Let's hear 'em!!


Alyson said...

I love this.....I love you :0)......

You are so right about .....well about everything :0)

So Nicholas is having a PIRATE PARTY??!!! YAY!!!!! I'm hoping we're invited :0)

Sign up at (i think that's the web address.....They send tons of free samples and tons of coupons for stuff all the time)


The Smiths said...

great thankful list...I enjoy those items as well...and like you said..we seem to forget about all the little things.