Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's always playtime...

The inventiveness of a child's mind never ceased to amaze me....
Right now as I write this, Cool Dude and Little Miss have two friends over. Since it's still too went to go outside and there's no T.V. they're using their minds, and playing an inside game. I'm not sure what the game is, but it seems to be some take on hide and seek.
One child goes int he other room and hides their eyes. The other kids then run to the corners of the rooms to hide. The seeker then asks if the others are ready, and if they say yes, the seeker shouts out numbers. The hiders then say yes or no I'm guessing that these numbers coordinate with the corners in the room.
If the seeker guesses the right number, they then must guess who is there. If they guess correctly, that person becomes the seeker. If they guess incorrectly, they hide again, and it starts all over again.
I guess you could say it's hide and seek meets Battleship. :-)

They also play another game called Silent Ball. It's basically catch (with a beach ball) but you cannot speak during game play. If you speak, you're out. If you drop the ball, you're out.
This is one of their favorite games to play together. I think it's because it's Miss M's game. Miss M is the oldest at 9 years old. The others kinda idolize her a bit because she's a "big kid." She like the game because she makes the rules.
They all have fun playing.... for a while... Then they start to bicker, and it's time for a new game.
They really like this new Battleship/hide and seek game they're playing though. Of course, it now reminds me of pool, "7 ball -corner pocket," but instead it's G-Force (Cool Dude's BFF) saying, "Number three?!"

They're so creative! It makes me wish I still had the same creativity when it comes to stuff like that... But then, I was happy to play outside with a reed leaf and a magnifying glass. -No, I didn't start fires! I'd just write my name in all the leaves.
Guess I never was very good at making stuff up!
So funny to listen to these kids play though!

Happy Birthday Dh and Dino Boy!! (Yes, when I wrote this, it was your birthdays.)

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