Friday, July 3, 2009

Pet Peeves

So, this is a topic that I think about very often. I have a lot of them, and most of them are pretty stupid, but they really annoy the heck out of me.

SOOOO, for your reading pleasure, in no particular order, here are some of my pet peeves. What are yours?

1.) When people walk down the wrong side of the hallway, bump into me, and give ME nasty looks -even though THEY'RE on the wrong side of the hall, and THEY bumped into ME. UGH!

2.) When people who have no kids try to tell you how to parent. Yes, I'm glad that you're a terrific babysitter, but babysitting is COMPLETELY different then parenting. Yes, it really is.

3.) When people on eBay send me messages asking me to leave them feedback. I HATE that. I leave my feedback in lumps, and when you email me demanding that I leave feedback for you is NOT going to make me do it any sooner. Besides, feedback is VOLUNTARY not MANDATORY.

4.) Having a really great coupon, and not being able to find stuff to use it on!

5.) The fact that my kids sleep in on days we have to be up early, and are up at the crack of dawn days we can sleep in.

6.) When the big kids at the playground hog the baby swings.

7.) When the big kids at the playground act like wild animals, and my kids think that they're cool, and try to copy what they're doing. IE -jumping off the top of the side of the slide!

8.) Missing puzzle pieces.

9.) White socks.

10.) When, instead of ASKING if they can come over and play, people just SEND their kids over to play.... As soon as I get home.... Before I've even walked in the door.

11.) Having to wait for Little Miss to take a nap, or DH to have five free minutes so that I can jump in the shower. (Of course, this is getting better now since I can take LM in the shower with me. -Thank goodness!)

12.) When the store is having a good sale, and on the first day of it they run out of product... and don't offer rain cheques.

13.) Washing my chapsticks.

14.) DRYING my chapsticks. (Not only does this ruin the chapstick, but ruins all of the clothes as well!)

15.) When DH doesn't answer his phone when I call.

16.) When DH doesn't answer his phone when I call again.

17.) When DH STILL doesn't answer his phone when I call AGAIN.

18.) Children whose soul intention in life is to be mean to my kids and make them miserable.

19.) Forgetting my list of Pet Peeves... Grrrr...

That's about all I can think of now. I know that the list was MUCH longer when I started this posting. Maybe I'll continue it tomorrow.

Feel free to add your own Pet Peeves!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Smiths said...

Great list!!
#4 and #12...i hear you on those.

Alyson said...

You're so funny :0)