Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old Navy Weekly! Coupon giveaway and leggie giveawa

Okay, so Old Navy Weekly is set to update shortly. This means that a whole new round of coupons are going to be made available for your coupon hunting pleasure!
However, if coupon hunting is not your thing, but you're still hoping to get your hands on a good coupon, visit Christine over at From Dates to Diapers. Old Navy was nice enough to give her a few $65 off $100 coupons to give away. Visit her blog, read the simple directions on how to enter for your chance to win, and cross your fingers! (And while you're there, read some of her great blog and leave her some love!)
Also, I'm still hosting a Jacquelynnies leggies giveaway. Enter here for directions and your chance to win two free pairs of toddler leggies. And don't fret! If you don't win the leggies they're super inexpensive, so you can still buy lots of them!
I think that's about it for now. We're having another play date today. Only one extra kiddo today. It's going well so far. Sometimes I think that having 4 extra kiddos is easier then just one extra kiddo. It makes it so everyone always has someone to play with even if two are squabbling.... Lunch is a little more difficult to prepare, but we're a bit more relaxed overall when there are more kiddos.... Maybe I should open a daycare for the summer -ha! Just kidding!

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