Sunday, September 27, 2009

Backed up blogs...

So, I really do have new blogs to post. -Really, I do! You'd be quite proud of me. I've been keeping a little spiral bound notebook (bought in a back of 6 at Target during their back-to-school clearance sales last year) next to my bed. This way, when the Muse descends right before I fall asleep (as normally happens) I have my trusty notebook (think diary, but I'm too old for a diary -hahaha!) right there.

Unfortunately, even with all of this new found free time I have, I never seem to have time to transfer my ramblings over to the computer for your reading pleasure. And I KNOW how much you love to read my senseless ramblings. :-)

Sooooo.... I DO promise to get them on here.... Sometime.... Shortly.... Maybe....

I know. You miss me. You can't deal without the craziness that is me. I know. You'll have your dose of me soon enough. In the mean time, this will have to hold you over. Don't be too sad. It's okay. I'm still here, and I'm still just as nutty as ever. (More so lately!)


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