Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey there!

I just wanted to stop in and say a quick "Hello!" I know that my three followers have missed me TERRIBLY! Lots and lots of exciting stuff has been going on over here. Unfortunately, none of it has been good. Bah! We'll get through it and get over it though. And if not, I'll stick my dragonfly friends on the problem! :-D It's finally warming up here. I'm so glad. I truly abhor the cold. It was almost 80 degrees here yesterday, and I still had the fire going. Needless to say, the hubs wasn't too pleased with that (as he came inside in his muscle shirt, sweat pouring down his face. Poor guy!) Today saw lots of heavy downpours. And that's okay because what do April showers bring? May flowers! Thing 2 is having a BALL asking me this, and shouting the answer EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She thinks it's wonderful. She, however, does NOT get the part when I ask, "And what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims!!" In time. In time.

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dannyscotland said...

Nice to see you back!