Friday, April 15, 2011

ACK! Two weeks!

I'm a Marcher for Babies. I do the March of Dimes March for Babies walk every year for the past few years. This will be my fourth year marching. I love it! It's great exercise, I meet great people, and I get to raise funds and awareness for a very important cause. I'll march for babies for as long as I'm able to do so.
Unfortunately, I realized today that the walk is just over two weeks away. I'm sooooo out of shape! It's a five mile walk, but it's along the river bank, over the bridge that goes over the river (they actually close down the bridge to traffic for the morning, and it's one of the major bridges into one of the major cities on the East Coast). Then it's back over the bridge, back to the ball field (where we start) and then home. It's a quick, neat, fun walk. But I'm out of shape!
I walked from my house, three blocks to the kiddo's school, from the school another 7 blocks to the post office, and then another 4 blocks from the Post Office home. Later on that night I walked the three blocks from school back home again. My legs and feet hurt at the end of the night. Oh no! I'm usually in much better shape by the time the walk comes around, as it's usually about three weeks later in the year. (It seems everything is out of whack on the calendar this year!) I really hope that I make it for the whole MOD walk!
Even if I don't finish (which I've never not done -even the one year in the 90 degree weather with my jeans and heeled shoes, and pulling the kiddos in the wagon behind me) I'll have already raised funds and awareness. That's the most important part. It doesn't matter if I finish or not -well, it does to me personally, but not so much as far as fundraising goes.
I just hope I make it!!!


dannyscotland said...

You can do it!! Just take your time and drink plenty of water.

Bloggie McBlogger said...

Thanks so much!! I'm really excited, and really nervous too. I was thinking about bringing the kids on their bikes, but then if they get tired in the middle, there's nothing that I can do but quit, so maybe they won't be coming with me again this year. They stayed home last year because it rained, but they've gone with me the other years. I like to have them involved, and knowing that they're doing something good for people that they don't even know. :-)